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Valentine’s Day is Coming!

Don’t forget! Valentine’s Day is Feb 14th, c4 is the last campaign before then. Make sure to ask all the men you know if they have purchased a gift for their special valentine. If they haven’t, tell them you can show them gifts she’s guarenteed to love!

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c3 shoutouts!

Sales are coming back up! Yay!

Top Sellers:

Jennifer Skinner – $300  AWESOME!

Debra Helige – $151

Cheri Logsdon – $140

Sandi Goin – $107 – Great job on first order!

I want wish a Happy Birthday to Crystal Porter (Feb 6th) & Christina Haas (Feb 29th)!

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Due to the redistricting effort that will be taking place, beginning 12:01 AM on Thursday, February 16 through NOON on Sunday, February 19, will be unavailable for any functionality including payments, requests for credits and e-mails to Customer Care.

The Payment system will also be down so it is important that you resolve any orders currently on hold and pay your balance due Avon in full prior to February 16 to prevent your orders from being held and or canceled.

The website will continue to be available for placing orders during the weekend until 4:00 PM on Saturday, February 18. At that time, ordering will also be shut down to allow for maintenance. Ordering capabilities will resume on Sunday morning, February 19.

During the time frame that ordering is unavailable, please note that any Customer who shops directly at will only have the option of direct delivery and will need to enter their Representative’s phone number at time of payment entry. The ability to choose Representative Delivery will again become available on Sunday morning. To avoid any confusion, please encourage your Customers to shop at your online store either before or after our maintenance weekend.

Since Customer Care will not be available during the outage timeframe, we suggest that you have payments and requests for product credits and returns up to date prior to Thursday, February 16.

In addition, please note that orders submitted over the maintenance weekend may experience a one day delay in delivery.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

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Special Offer from H&R Block®

H&R Block is once again offering discounted tax preparation services for Avon Representatives on both office tax services and their at home do-it-yourself products.

Simply go to to print a coupon for $25 savings at one of 11,000 H&R Block offices, or save up to 35%when you do your own taxes.

We also have an exciting addition to 2012. This year, H&R Block® has introduced Block Live, enabling you to have your taxes prepared by any H&R Block tax professional from the comfort of your home using video conference, chat or telephone. Get your office coupon first, then visit to save $25 with Block

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Important Tiny Tillia Updates

Tiny Tillia may not be a huge earner right now, but it can be a great sales booster. Here are some important updates concerning the Tiny Tillia brand & how you place an order for it.

Beginning in C-6, ALL Avon Representatives can add Tiny Tillia purchases to their regular Avon orders—no separate ordering site and no separate shipping fee!

Order Tiny Tillia demos and followWhat’s New

guidelines for earnings level, AND President’s Recognition Program members will enjoy their normal demo limits Brochure and Storybook orders remain at 20% for ALL Representatives eRepresentatives will now see Tiny Tillia products on their online store

NOTE: All product orders for Storybook 2, demos, and Customer orders will need to be placed at All product orders for Storybook 3, demos and Customer orders from either Storybook 3 or the Avon Brochure can be placed on

You can see a complete document of Frequently Asked Questions by visiting the Tiny Tillia page on

 Remind customers that they can do an online baby shower registry. This will give them an additional option for their baby showers besides Walmart. You can set it up for them or they can do it themselves. If they do it, make sure they list you as the rep so you get all the earnings from the sales.

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Happy Birthday: Celebrating 20 Years of ANEW in 2012

ANEW has been helping women ignore their birthdays since 1992 with 20 years of anti-aging breakthroughs and now is your chance to celebrate along with Avon by enjoying even more skin care earnings in C-4! It’s one of our biggest savings celebrations! And now to help celebrate, ANEW is introducing a revolutionary resurfacing serum that looks to be another skin care hit: ANEW Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluidwhich debuts in the C-4 Brochure.

Your Customers will also appreciate the incredible savings on other ANEW items, including ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream SPF 25, ANEW Platinum Night Cream, ANEW Reversalist 2-Week Kit and ANEW Clincial Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream, all at the special price of $20 each! That is five separate offers which offer your Customers the chance to save over $100 in total. Now that is a celebration of savings your Customers will love!

You can also take the celebration one step further and view our special 20th birthday commercial which you can watch here.

Your Customers will surely appreciate the incredible savings on our ANEW items with one of our biggest savings celebrations ever! Now is the time for Customers to enjoy our luxury skin care innovations at great prices. So remember to wish a happy birthday to ANEW, and experience some happy earnings for you!

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c3 orders!

Lisa is asking for orders! So make sure you place an order for c3, even if it’s a tiny one, all orders count!

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C2 Shout Outs!

Top Sellers in the unit:

1. Debra Helige – $213 – Great Job!

2. Cheri Logsdon – $182

3. Jennifer Skinner – $124

4. Cindy Haarman – $122

Sales are still down this campaign. There are a bunch of stock up opportunities in the c4 What’s New at 50% earnings, they are a great way to boost sales. Make sure to read recent posts about great ways to boost sales during this slower time.

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More Yellow Rose Necklaces Now In Stock!

Avon is pleased to extend the sale of the Sophia Smith Yellow Rose Necklace in honor of Sophia Smith and in support of the ALS Therapy Development Institute. When first introduced late in 2011, the fund-raiser was so popular that our inventory of necklaces was sold out! However, we now have a new supply available. This beautiful rose-shaped necklace adorned with pearls sells for $9.99 with all proceeds going to the ALS Foundation. The product number is 539-379. As with all fund-raisers, there is no commission on this sale and no Sales Leadership Earnings.

As you may know, Avon Representative, Sophia Smith from Victoria, Texas, is a true Sales Leader. Tragically, in November 2010, Sophia was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The cause of ALS is not completely understood and presently there is no cure or treatment that halts or reverses the disease. The ALS Association is in need of funds to continue research to find a cure for this terrible disease.

Please encourage all of your Representatives to continue to help fight ALS by selling one or more Sophia Smith Yellow Rose Necklaces to their Customers.

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Tiny Tillia Storybook 3 Cover Misprint

Please be aware that the Tiny Tillia Storybook 3 directs Customers to order from rather than This, however, is a misprint. Beginning in C/6, Customers will be able to find Tiny Tillia products on their Representatives websites, on as well as on Of course, Customers can also continue to order directly from their Avon Representative. To rectify the misprint, a link to has been added to the homepage of, and Representatives will be notified of this in the upcoming Representative Times issue.

Tiny Tillia Crib Bedding–Addition of Legal Disclaimer

To ensure that we comply with bedding regulations in the city of Chicago that prohibits the sale or distribution of crib bedding bumpers, Representatives and Customers will see the following disclaimer on, and beginning in C-6, on the yourAVON.comand websites:

NOTE: In compliance with local ordinance, this crib bedding bumper cannot be offered, sold, distributed, or purchased within the city limits of Chicago, Illinois.

While the current Tiny Tillia Storybooks do not have this product disclaimer printed next to the bedding, all future Storybook or Brochure copy will have this notation.

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