Jens Avon Updates!

A resouceful blog for my unit! downtime announced

on January 24, 2012
Due to the redistricting effort that will be taking place, beginning 12:01 AM on Thursday, February 16 through NOON on Sunday, February 19, will be unavailable for any functionality including payments, requests for credits and e-mails to Customer Care.

The Payment system will also be down so it is important that you resolve any orders currently on hold and pay your balance due Avon in full prior to February 16 to prevent your orders from being held and or canceled.

The website will continue to be available for placing orders during the weekend until 4:00 PM on Saturday, February 18. At that time, ordering will also be shut down to allow for maintenance. Ordering capabilities will resume on Sunday morning, February 19.

During the time frame that ordering is unavailable, please note that any Customer who shops directly at will only have the option of direct delivery and will need to enter their Representative’s phone number at time of payment entry. The ability to choose Representative Delivery will again become available on Sunday morning. To avoid any confusion, please encourage your Customers to shop at your online store either before or after our maintenance weekend.

Since Customer Care will not be available during the outage timeframe, we suggest that you have payments and requests for product credits and returns up to date prior to Thursday, February 16.

In addition, please note that orders submitted over the maintenance weekend may experience a one day delay in delivery.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.


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