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Important Tiny Tillia Updates

on January 24, 2012

Tiny Tillia may not be a huge earner right now, but it can be a great sales booster. Here are some important updates concerning the Tiny Tillia brand & how you place an order for it.

Beginning in C-6, ALL Avon Representatives can add Tiny Tillia purchases to their regular Avon orders—no separate ordering site and no separate shipping fee!

Order Tiny Tillia demos and followWhat’s New

guidelines for earnings level, AND President’s Recognition Program members will enjoy their normal demo limits Brochure and Storybook orders remain at 20% for ALL Representatives eRepresentatives will now see Tiny Tillia products on their online store

NOTE: All product orders for Storybook 2, demos, and Customer orders will need to be placed at All product orders for Storybook 3, demos and Customer orders from either Storybook 3 or the Avon Brochure can be placed on

You can see a complete document of Frequently Asked Questions by visiting the Tiny Tillia page on

 Remind customers that they can do an online baby shower registry. This will give them an additional option for their baby showers besides Walmart. You can set it up for them or they can do it themselves. If they do it, make sure they list you as the rep so you get all the earnings from the sales.


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