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Tiny Tillia Storybook 3 Cover Misprint

on January 17, 2012

Please be aware that the Tiny Tillia Storybook 3 directs Customers to order from rather than This, however, is a misprint. Beginning in C/6, Customers will be able to find Tiny Tillia products on their Representatives websites, on as well as on Of course, Customers can also continue to order directly from their Avon Representative. To rectify the misprint, a link to has been added to the homepage of, and Representatives will be notified of this in the upcoming Representative Times issue.

Tiny Tillia Crib Bedding–Addition of Legal Disclaimer

To ensure that we comply with bedding regulations in the city of Chicago that prohibits the sale or distribution of crib bedding bumpers, Representatives and Customers will see the following disclaimer on, and beginning in C-6, on the yourAVON.comand websites:

NOTE: In compliance with local ordinance, this crib bedding bumper cannot be offered, sold, distributed, or purchased within the city limits of Chicago, Illinois.

While the current Tiny Tillia Storybooks do not have this product disclaimer printed next to the bedding, all future Storybook or Brochure copy will have this notation.


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