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Missed Order Submission Deadline?

on January 12, 2012

What can you do if you miss an order submission deadline?

Like I posted before, this time of year is a slower time for everyone, but since Avon only has 26 opportunities in a year to earn, you need to take advantage of everyone of them. There were several people in C2 that missed the order submission deadline.

If you miss the deadline (every other Wed at Noon) it’s not a huge deal. You have a week after the deadline to place additional or late orders. Although if you place an additional or late order, your shipping fee will be alittle higher (please refer to the One Simple Fee flyer). The ordering system does not change over to the next campaign for another week following the deadline, so you still have opportunites to sell & submit an order and have it count toward the current campaign. I don’t recommend being late, but if you are sick, have to work, forgot etc, you still have the chance.

If you did submit an order by the deadline, but didn’t pay for your previous order by the deadline, they will place your new order on hold until the previous one is paid for in full. If you pay for your previous order within the next week after the deadline, they will automatically ship your on hold order. If your order is still on hold after a full campaign, it will be cancelled.

I always stress paying for orders on time & making orders on time. This is the only way to take full advantage of all the perks that Avon has to offer.


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