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Door to Door?

on January 12, 2012

Alot of people ask me, do Avon reps still go door to door?  The answer is yes & no lol. Technology has given modern Avon reps a big advantage. Social networking like Twitter or Facebook, email & text messaging has eliminated some of the need to go door to door like in the past. So would going door to door be a good sales choice?  The answer is up to you.

The key to being successful with any business is getting your name out there. Going door to door is a great & (usually) inexpensive way to do that. Here are some tips if you choose to go door to door selling Avon.

1. Prepare ahead of time. Plan out a good date to go. Obviously holidays & times near local events are not a good time to go. You have a less chance of catching people at home. Weekends make a good time.

2. Buy lots of extra brochures. Set a goal of how many houses you want to get to in one day & make sure to buy enough brochures to cover all of those houses. Also keep old brochures to use as calling cards.

3. Make up “goodie bags”.  Make up a bag (the Avon What’s New bags work best). For customers that open their door to you, put in a current brochure, some samples & your business card. Possibly even a recruiting flyer. For customers that don’t answer, use an old brochure with a sticker on the front saying something like “This brochure is expired, but if you would like a current brochure or more information please contact me at….” That way you’re not wasting a current brochures & the home owner is atleast able to see the kinds of products Avon has to offer.

4. Bring a buddy. Never door to door alone. It will make the process alot easier & safer to have a buddy or fellow Avon rep come along.

5. Dress for Success. Wear appropriate clothing. Purchase an Avon shirt or a name tag to clearly mark what it is you sell. It also helps to use the products such as makeup & perfume.

6. Be nice & smile. Always be polite, even if they reject you.

7. Don’t get discouraged. The rate for making sales door to door are about 1 in 10. So if you plan on hitting about 40 houses, only plan on making 4 sales or gaining 4 new customers. But if you do this 2 days a week for a month, you’ve gained 32 new customers in a month!

8. Contact city officials. Always check on city regulations about door to door sales before going. You may have to get permission or a permit before going. You don’t want to get in trouble!

9. Never ask to go in the home. This is always a no-no!

10. Make your presentation short & to the point. You only have a couple of minutes (or less) to make a good impression, present the products/specials & make a sale, so make good use of your time.

For more tips on going door to door, check out the community bulletin boards on


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