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on January 8, 2012

I’m not going to write a post about how to process returns. If you have any questions about processing returns, check out the BoK course titled “E-Z Returns Training Guide.”

This post is about the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that Avon promotes & how to use it to your advantage, also about how to earn from returns.

First of all, don’t be mad if a customer wants to return a product. I know it’s everyone’s least favorite thing about Avon, but don’t let it ruin your ability to earn.

The Avon Guarantee can be found on the inside of any order book. – It states –

For over 100 years, Customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. And, because we stand behind every product we offer, your customers can buy Avon from you with confidence. If any product does not meet with the Customer’s approval, gladly take it back & offer to replace it or give the customer a full refund.

Try to avoid a refund at any cost. Refunds mean no earnings. Always try to get the customer to replace the product with a similar item within the same value range if at all possible. That way, while you’re not earning off the new item, you don’t loose your earnings from the original item.

Don’t return, Earn! Read this flyer on ways to use returned products to boost sales. dont%20return%20earn[1]

Do you have an ideas on how to turn returns into earnings?


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