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Better ways to serve your customers

on January 8, 2012

Customer service is the key to running any successful business, so how does it apply to selling Avon?

1. Know the products.  You don’t have to be an expert on everything that Avon sells, but be atleast familiar with the products. Customers ask questions about the products everyday. They expect you to be knowledgable about them, atleast able to answer basic questions or atleast know where to find the answers.

2. Use the products yourself. If you use the products yourself, you will gain a first hand knowledge of how long it lasts, does it work, how long does it take to work, what does it smell like, etc? These are all common things people want to know before making a purchase, especially on something like the skin care products that could easily cost $30 or more.

3. Be familiar with the brochures. Before handing brochures out to your customers, thumb thru it yourself to get an idea of where items are located. Most items are generally in the same area of the brochure each campaign, but Avon moves items around depending on current specials. If you have atleast an idea of where to find an item, you will know where to look to help answer questions or find prices.  Also be familiar with the next brochure & upcoming specials to build customer loyalty.

4. Take the BoK courses & use the website to your advantage. The BoK (Beauty of Knowledge) courses & all of the website resources are a great learning tool. They are in easy to understand formats that give you the ability to answer common questions about products. Genics Central, Anew Central & the Representatives Times are all found on the home page of BoK courses are found under the training tab.

What ideas do you have for better serving customers?


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