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Overcoming Objections!

on January 6, 2012

Everyone knows how hard it may be to find new customers, especially this time of year when sales are slow.  So how do you handle objections from potentially new customers when you ask them if they are interested in purchasing or looking at some Avon products or a brochure?

There are 2 common objections:

1. I don’t use Avon – they don’t have anything I would/can use.

2. I can’t afford Avon.

Tips for overcoming these objections:

I don’t use Avon:

1. Nicely remind them that Avon sells more than just makeup & perfume. Maybe they haven’t seen a brochure in awhile, so give them a brochure & flip automatically to the jewelry or gift section.  There’s something for everyone!

2. I hear this alot from men. Always tell men that we have complete men’s lines that include Cologne, after shave, hair & body washes, jewelry, watches, accessories & so much more.

Plus most men have a woman in their lives that they need to purchase a gift for (Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc), so if they won’t shop for themselves, atleast remind that Avon has lots of items that women love. Also remind them how easy it is to shop Avon. That you can even gift wrap the items for them (for free or for a small charge, however you choose.) Men love when things are simple, especially when it comes to gifts.

3. Ask them (nicely) if they use shampoo or deodorant, chances are they do lol. Ask them if they have ever tried the Avon line of hair & body care products. If they say that they probably wouldn’t like them, tell them about Avon’s return policy. 100% money back, no questions asked.  Tell them to try the shampoo/condition & deodorants for a week and if they don’t like them, they can return them for a refund or exchange.

I can’t afford Avon:

1. Give them a compare & save worksheet. This will allow the customer to see that Avon products are as cheap or usually cheaper than the products they already buy at drugstores, therefore saving them money.

2. Give them a brochure & show them some of the great, top of the line products that Avon offers & point out the great prices. Chances are they didn’t realize that Avon was so affordable.

How do you overcome objections?


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