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on January 5, 2012

It’s time to talk about recruiting!  Recruiting is a great way to make up for lost income during slow times of the year (like right now).  The believe in Your Success bonuses are still going strong!  Here is a breakdown of the basics of recruiting.

1. refer back to your workbook you received the day of your appt. See who you marked on your list of 50 people that you thought might like to sell Avon. Ask those people. Tell them about your success with Avon & how much you enjoy it. Tell them about the benefits & rewards of selling Avon (& about how much you make.) Tell them about the minimal start up costs ($10) & that’s there’s no inventory required, no sales quotas, no parties to do & no contract to sign!

2. Once you they are interested in selling, give me a call & we’ll set up a meeting with the 3 of us. I’ll bring your first couple kits since you won’t be able to order them & I’ll walk you thru how easy it is to do appointments.

3. Once you have done your first appointment, you’re free to do more on your own, but remember, I’m always here to help if you need me. 

4. Once you appoint your first recruit, you will be eligible to receive the Believe in Your Success Bonuses.  You won’t start making a % of your team sales until you’ve achieved Unit Leader Status.  To achieve Unit Leader Status, you simply need your downline (team) to place 5 orders, have $200 or more in personal sales & have combined downline sales (including your sales) of $1200 or more. Once you meet those requirements, you will be a Unit Leader & will be earning money off of your downline’s sales.

5. Keep recruiting!

6. Teach your downline how to recruit! Have someone in your downline interested in recruiting? Great! Coach them in the same manner that I coached you thru the recruiting process. You will then begin to earn off of your downline’s downline! You can earn off of 3 generations!  Your downline is your 1st generation, their downline is your 2nd generation & their downline is your 3rd generation. It couldn’t be easier!

Interested in building a team & earning more money! Give me a call TODAY!!!


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