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Preferred Preview

on January 5, 2012

What is Preferred Preview?  Preferred Preview allows you to preview the newest products or brands prior to their introduction. By agreeing to participate, you agree that between one and four times per year, on an ongoing basis, Avon will notify you with a letter in your order about a new product or sales tool and its cost. You will have 10 days to call Avon at a specified phone number to reject the product if you do not want it. If you do not call Avon by the date specified, you understand that Avon will ship the product to you and you will be invoiced for the cost. Items offered through this program will typically cost between $1 and $50 & will have earnings potentials of up to 50%. This is a great program to enroll in if you are able to sell the onhand product.

How do I sign up for Preferred Preview?  To sign up for Preferred Preview, go to your profile (found along the top of the screen while logged on to Make sure you’re on the account information tab in the middle section of your profile & choose to Make Changes Now, simply choose the dialog button that says yes next to Preferred Preview. To unenroll, simply to do the same steps to enroll, only this time checking the no dialog button. Make sure to save your changes.

Any questions, please let me know.


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