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New Fraud Alert!

on December 28, 2011

There has been a report of a new scam hitting Avon reps. Here is a copy of the email I received from Avon about the details of the scam.

For quite some time now Avon has made a concerted effort to keep you apprised of the latest scams and the ways in which you can protect yourself from these criminals. However, these scams are on the increase.

We recently received word about a new scam that has taken place regarding Cardigan Mountain School in New Hampshire. Numerous Representatives have received calls from individuals claiming to be from the school who then place orders. They then send a check to the Representative for more than the order amount and ask for the overage to be sent back to them.

School officials have contacted us directly to relay to Representatives that they would NEVER place Avon orders.

Scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to take advantage of Representatives, so as a result, we hope you will visit our site designed to help protect you from fraudulent activities. Visit the fraud prevention page on to view examples of recent scams and some of the best practices for avoiding fraud when conducting your Avon business.

Some reps in our unit as well as myself, have received emails from “new customers” claiming to want to order products. These “customers” do not live near our area & claim that they want to order products, but cannot do so online. They provide you with the item numbers & ask for a total & address to send the money to. Never give out your address & never accept orders from people you don’t know that do not live near here. You can just ignore these emails & delete the customer from your Avon address book. If you have any question about this being an actual new customer, simply respond to the email that you would be more than happy to assist them in ordering products online, that since they are not near your area you cannot accept personal orders from them.


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