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New Communication Preference Feature for Customers

on December 28, 2011

Effective with the implementation of Online Customer Referral, there will be a change in the earnings structure that only affects Direct Delivery orders if a Customer chooses not to be contacted by their chosen or assigned Representative.

Beginning December 28, a Representative whose Customers choose not to be contacted (selecting “I prefer to shop store and contact when I need to”in their profile), will receive 10% earnings beginning with the first order after their current Customer selects not to be contacted or after a new Customer who chooses this option has been assigned.

Representatives with Customers who have chosen not to be contacted prior to the December 28 implementation date will be “grandfathered”. They will continue to earn as they do today on Direct Delivery orders these Customers place online.

Representatives will also continue to earn as they do today on Direct Delivery orders placed online by Customers who choose to continue to maintain contact with the Representative either by mail, e-mail or phone.

While beginning December 28, Representatives will only earn 10% on Direct Delivery orders placed online by their Customers who choose not to be contacted, they will continue to receive:

Net Sales for the Order Full Award Sales toward the Presidents Recognition ProgramIn addition, these orders will also continue to count toward:

Sales Leadership Personal Sales Sales Leader Upline Bonus Most Incentives*** Order Activity End of Campaign Order Size*These guidelines apply to and In addition, these same qualifications apply when a new Customer is connected to an active Representative on at the time of purchase.

**If no Representatives are found who meet this minimum Average Order Size, we will expand the search to include Representatives with an Average Order size of more than $75

***These orders do not count towards incentives such as the “eSelling Earnings Extravaganza.” Incentives such as this were designed to drive online ordering by Customers and reward Representative with an additional Earnings Adjustment for their encouraging multiple Customers to order from their online store. With the Customer having chosen not to be contacted, the Representative is unable to drive this action due to the fact that the Customer has chosen to “block” communication.


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