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Ways to boost new year sales!

on November 26, 2011

Everyone has been submitting great orders so far this holiday season, but what are some ways to boost sales after the holidays?

January is a slow month for any business. Everyone is trying to recoup from Christmas shopping & preparing for income taxes, so they may be refraining from additional spending. Here are so tips I hope you find useful.

  • Follow up with everyone you give a brochure to. This is always important, but extremely important when sales are low.
  • Offer all of your customers a coupon to use during the month of January. The coupon can be anything you choose from 10% off one order or a free product (that you choose) for orders over a certain amount. For example,  Spend $30 (not including tax etc) in one order & receive a free hand cream!
  • Purchase additional outlet books. Make sure you have enough outlet books to go with every regular brochure you give out. People always love when they get a great deal no matter what time of year it is. Make sure to point out the outlet book when giving them the brochures.
  • Make sure they read the entire brochure. This may sound alittle strange, but alot of customers only flip to the section of the brochure that contains the items they purchase most or they may flip thru the entire brochure but not really pay attention to it. Make it into a game for them. Attach a note to the front of the brochure. For example, Find the product with a rubber ducky taking a bath & receive that item for free when you place your order (Strawberry Bubble Bath).  But obvisously don’t tell them the answer lol. You don’t always have to buy this item for them, this is also a great chance to get rid of some items that you have on hand but haven’t been able to sell. You can change the note for each customer.
  • Start a fundraiser. Contact local organizations/charities & offer to assist them with an Avon fundraiser. They are a fairly easy & quick way to earn extra money for a cause & a great sales booster for you, in addition to finding new customers!
  • JUST ADDED: Make sure to ask for referrals from your existing customers! Give them an extra brochure or two when you deliver their orders. Ask them if they know of anyone (friend, neighbor, family member) that would be interested in looking at a brochure. Ask if they can take a brochure to work or church with them. For extra added incentive for them to help you out, tell them you will give them 10% off their order in each campaign that they bring you a new customer, or a free item for every 5 orders they bring you.
  • JUST ADDED: take advantage of add on sales! If your customer orders the day cream, try to sell them the night cream also. Tell them if they purchase the entire regimen, that you’ll take 10% off the price. Also sell them the add ons that Avon provides. Most of the time, customers don’t even see them. For example, add a make up bag to your order for $1.99 when you make a $14.99 or more brochure purchase (or similar offer). Avon offers these addons for a reason. Take advantage of them!

What are some ways you plan to boost sales in the new year? Comment below to share!


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