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Holiday Open Houses!

on October 26, 2011

I want to begin by encouraging everyone to hold a holiday open house, whether it’s in your home or somewhere else. It’s a great opportunity to reach potential customers and to boost holiday sales by only working for an evening!

What is an open house?

An open house is very simple. You simply set up some products, invite several friends & family and sell!

You can hold your open house on a weekday or weekend (whenever it fits into your schedule). Open houses are usually 2-3 hrs in length (example 5-8pm). Guests come & go as they please within that time frame and shop, either the on hand products or brochure orders.

I will gladly help you out with your first open house and if you don’t want to stock up on products, I will gladly bring my inventory & we can work out a deal.

At open houses, you can also recruit new representitives or find others that would be willing to hold open houses in their homes for you. When I do open houses, I offer the hostess a gift set. This is usually something I find in the What’s New books (around $10-$15 retail value). This is their thank-you for holding the open house. Then I give them 10% off all the sales in FREE merchandise! Who doesn’t love FREE STUFF????  You can set a minimum sales if you want. I suggest $150. It’s totally doable. Make sure to plan the open houses far enough in advance so you can stock up on inventory, have time to order brochures for the corrct campaign  & for the hostess to have enough time to invite everyone.  Make sure to give the hostess some brochures before hand along with a order booklet so she can take outside orders!

Tell your hostesses to invite atleast 40 people. Not all of them will be able to make it. By holding your first open house for yourself, you get your first one out of the way and gives you the opportunity to let all of your friends & family know that you are selling Avon and for them to see the wonderful products you have.  With open houses opposed to parties, you don’t have to make everyone be there at a certain time, they come & go whenever is convenient for them, and you don’t have to stand up in front of everyone and demostrate products. Open houses are very laid back & alot of fun!

If you’re interested in holding an open house, please contact me!

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