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Tips for higher sales

on October 20, 2011

Some tips to help you earn more:

  • #1 Rule: Always place your orders on-time & pay for them on-time. If you are late placing an order, you will have additional or higher fees to pay. If you don’t pay for your order on-time, it will make your next order late (meaning higher fees), you also won’t receive any incentives or bonuses that you’ve earned for that campaign.
  • Take advantage of stock up opportunities anytime you can. These can be found in the What’s New books & on These stockups can have earnings as high as 55% or come with FREE product that you can sell at 100% profit!
  • Remember to place at least a $50 order so you’re not working for free! You won’t earn unless your award sales are $50 or more. Your personal orders & customer orders count 100% towards award sales, & since c19, demos out of the What’s New books now count also. Samples, sales tools & brochures don’t count.
  • Pass out samples! Samples are pretty affordable. Entice customers that are not sure about a product with a sample and they’re sure to purchase the full-sized product.
  • Offer customer incentives! Have a customer that just purchases Day cream? Tell her you will give her 10% off her order if she purchases the entire regimen, also give her skin care tips that the products work best when used all together, not in pieces. Also remember that you can backorder products 2 campaigns. Go back & see what specials were running in the recent campaigns to get your customer the best deal possible, this will help build customer loyalty.
  • ASK, ASK, ASK! Customers don’t buy if you don’t ask! Passed out some brochures but haven’t heard back from that person? Give them a call! Chances are they forgot.  This is why you always get atleast a phone number for a new customer when you hand them a brochure. Email helps also so you can put them on your mailing list to be alerted of specials & new products! Know someone that you don’t think they will purchase? Ask anyways! You can’t afford for customers to come to you, so you have to go to them!
  • Have a sales tip you would like to share? Post it in the comments section below!

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