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Tiny Tilla

on September 21, 2011

Don’t forget about Tiny Tilla, Avon’s newest brand! It targets newborns to 2yrs old and has incredibly cute items for bath, clothing, bedding, toys, mom & more!  You can puchase Tiny Tilla storybooks (catalogs) to give your customers.

Pack of 5 # of Storybooks Cost Each Price Per Pack
1 5 Storybooks $.30 $1.50
2-9 10-45 Storybooks $.28 $1.40
10+ 50+ Storybooks $.25 $1.25

You order these catalogs the same way your order your core products catalogs and mark catalogs.

Your customers can order directly from  or order thru you. You will receive 20% earnings on all Tiny Tilla orders and a 25% discount of Tiny Tilla demos.

Tiny Tilla orders are NOT placed with your normal orders. They must be placed on the Tiny Tilla website. When you log onto the site, it will recongize you as a rep. Tiny Tilla orders can be placed anytime, no matter where you are in your selling cycle because they are shipped seperate from your regular orders.

Customers must shop with a rep, meaning they will not be able to check out without having a rep connected to their order. Make sure that your customers search for you so you get the earnings. Customers can also search by their address if they don’t have a rep and it will give them the name of a rep nearest them.

Customers can also create an online shower registry (or you can do it for them) and connect you to the registry. That way every order placed from the registry will give you credit!

Tiny Tilla


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