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Hot Spots

on September 21, 2011

My tip for the week? BEWARE OF HOT SPOTS!!!!  What are Hot Spots? Hot Spots are when you are very close to reaching a higher earning level.

For example, if your customer orders total $275, you would be in the 30% earnings level. Meaning you would earn $82.50 from that campaign, but if you would just get one more sale or add in some product yourself to push your sales over $284.99, you would then be in the 35% earnings level, bringing your earnings to ATLEAST $99.75. So just by adding $10 in product (even if you have to purchase this yourself), you will be making $17.25 more.

When you are in your first 4 campaigns, you’re guarenteed 40% earnings no matter where your sales end up (as long as you have atleast a $50 order.) Just be aware that as of your 5th campaign, you will need to pay attention to where your sales are so you can make as much $$$ as possible.


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