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One Simple Fee

on September 16, 2011

As everyone probably noticed, there were some fee structure changes as of c19. I’ve already had some questions from some of you about this, hopefully I can answer any of your questions. 

Prior to c19 this year, EVERY order had an order processing charge of $2.50. You were also charged $0.38 (1/2 of the $0.75 customer charge you are charging customers). If you had very many customers, this total added up pretty fast. As well as $7.50 each campaign if your were an eRep and didn’t have any eCustomers.  If you placed an additional order or a late order, you were charged an additional $7.00 for shipping as well as other applicable order charges.

From now on, there is no more $2.50 order processing charge and Avon has also done away with the per customer charge. Although, per Lisa, keep charging your customers this $0.75 charge (you now get to keep the whole thing) to help you offset the cost of brochures, shipping fee or sales tools. It is also free now to be an eRep whether you get any eCustomers or not.

What you are charged is one simple fee, based on your order size, president’s club status and whether it is an ontime order or late/additional order.  The price chart can be found under MY ACCOUNT tab on the toolbar and click on the ONE SIMPLE FEE FLYER on the gray bar down the left hand side of the screen. There are also some faq’s there for you to read. You should have received this flyer in a recent shipment, but if not, here it is or it is online.

one simple fee flyer

Also please note that the minimum sales to earn is now raised from $25 to $50. Please make sure you are placing atleast a $50 order so you’re not working for free. If you don’t place a $50 order, all the demos from the What’s New that everyone loves will not be discounted, they will be FULL PRICE!  Another great change is that now all demo purchases will count towards your award sales, samples and sales still do not!


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