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NEW Upcoming Products!

on September 16, 2011

ANEW GENICS – Coming in c21! Avon has done lots of advertising and pushing of this product! This is going to be a huge money maker! The full price of this product is $38. Everyone was given a sample in the c21 What’s New as well as every customer gets a free sample on the cover of the c21 brochure! How great is that????  Still available for backorder right now is the trial tube for $1.99.

The Anew Genics can go with any skin care regimen and replaces the night cream. It incorporates Avon’s new YouthGen Technology that works with the stem cells in your skin to reverse the signs of aging up to 10yrs! Not to mention it smells good lol. Carry a trial tube in your purse and pull it when talking to potential customers. Have them try some on the back of their hands and they will see immediately how soft it makes their skin.

Avon has created a special education center specifically for the Anew Genics. It can be found on the home page of down the right hand side of the screen called Genics Central.

Anew Genics

2011 Holiday Products – I’m sure you’ve noticed the holiday items and gift sets starting to roll out in the brochures and the What’s News. Holiday items are also another great money maker. Avon has provided us with lots of stock up opportunities on many of these products. Stock up opportunities often offer 40%-55% earnings on products. The holidays are a busy time at Avon.

The Start of the 2011 Holiday Season


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