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Are you an eRep?

on September 16, 2011

I would like for everyone in my unit to be signed up to be an eRep by submission of c20. With the new fee structure that started in c19, it’s now FREE to be an eRep! It’s a great way to get new customers or for current customers to shop online anytime!

Your customers can choose direct delivery (great if they don’t live near you) or choose personal delivery (you submit the order and deliver it).  You can post your link on blogs, facebook, twitter, business cards, on the back of your brochures, on flyers, just about anywhere! 

Earnings from direct delivery customers are credited towards your Avon acct.

You can see your direct delivery activity by clicking on the My Account on the toolbar, then by clicking Direct Delivery Activity in the gray bar going down the left hand side of the screen.

If you need to signup to become an eRep, click on the Web Office tab on the toolbar and follow all the prompts.

After becoming an eRep, you can use the invoicing tools to print personalized customer invoices, making your job so much easier! The invoices will tell you what your customer ordered as well as the total. Make sure you’re placing the orders under each customers name, so you can track your customers’ purchases. This way you can give them personalized services by letting them know when their favorite items are on sale or when new items come out.

You can also send out personalized emails as well as put customers on automatic mailing lists. Always have your customer’s info (email, address, phone #) all at your finger tips!

screen shot of web office


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